The author's top movie each year 2000-2020

Top film of each year from 2000 to 2019 chosen by the author. (Click on the colored title to read the author's review of the film)

2020: There is No Evil (dir. Rasoulof) Iran
2019: Castle of Dreams (dir. Mirkarimi) Iran
2018: The Third Murder (dir. Kore'eda) Japan (released in 2017)
2017: Grain (dir. Kaplanoglu) Turkey
2016: a rare tie of two equally well-made films--I, Daniel Blake (dir. Loach) (UK) and Paradise (dir. Konchalovsky) (Russia)
2015: Youth (dir. Sorrentino) Italy/UK/Switzerland
2014: Leviathan (dir. Zvyagintsev) Russia
2013: Still Life (dir. U. Pasolini) Italy/UK
2012: Post Tenebras Lux (dir. Reygadas) Mexico
2011: The Tree of Life (dir. Malick) USA
2010: Mysteries of Lisbon (dir. Ruiz) Portugal
2009: Agora (dir. Amenabar) Spain
2008: Three Monkeys (dir. Ceylan) Turkey
2007: The Banishment (dir. Zvyagintsev) Russia
2006: Tuya's Marriage (dir. Wang Quan'an) China
2005: Peacock (dir. Gu Changwei) China
2004: The Consequences of Love (dir. Sorrentino) Italy
2003: The Return (dir. Zvyagintsev) Russia
2002:  Spider (dir. Cronenberg) Canada
2001:  Baran (dir. Majidi) Iran
2000:  The Circle (dir. Panahi) Iran

Russia and Iran dominate the list!!

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