The Author's Favorite Top 10 Films

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1. King Lear (1971) (Kozintsev) (former USSR)
2. Hitler-A film from Germany (1977) (Syberberg) (Germany)
3. 2001--A space odyssey (1968) (Kubrick) (USA)
4. Dekalog (1989) (Kieslowski) (Poland)
5. The Tree of Life (2011) (Malick) (USA)
6. Solyaris (1972) (Tarkovsky) (former USSR)
7. The Tree of Wooden Clogs (1978) (Olmi) (Italy)
8. Winter Light (1963) (Bergman) (Sweden)
9. Citizen Kane (1941) (Welles) (USA)
10. Shadows of Forgotten Ancestors (1965)  (Paradjanov) (former USSR)


abhishek misiha said...

sir ..I was going through your movie list .this one is really great .I have all those collections except Hitler..I'm very excited about all the list..this one is special because those movies are with me..that's why I'm commenting here..thank you

Jugu Abraham said...

Hi Abhishek,

It is remarkable if you have 9 of the 10! "Hitler-a film from Germany" is not easy to come across because it is a 7.5-hour "acted" documentary--if you see one part, most sensitive viewers will not rest until they view the other segments. It is also now available on line at

Best and happy viewing,


Unknown said...

On your "best 100", 0 Hitchcocks, 0 Murnaus, 0 Kiarostamis, 0 Godards, 0 Ozus etc etc. I applaud you on your fantastic taste in cinema!

Surely no Indian Dir could touch Kiarostami and though i'm a big fan of Malick he is clearly more original and to me greater. 8 1/2 is a glaring omission, I think only 2001 and Zerkalo are the only 2 u have there up there with it. 0 Taiwanese movies, i'll for sure take Goodbye Dragon Inn before 80-90% of the films there.